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[Industry News] How to place the appliance for a best killing result?
To place the insect killer in the environment where human often live would be the first principle. For attracting those pest active during day time, preferably to place appliance in the dark shade rather than under sunshine. Such placement is for avoiding appliance's UV light be weaken or repelled b
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[Industry News] What kind of mosquito's traits lead them to be killed?
For eluding natural enemy, avoiding larva dehydration, ensuring safe growing, mosquito would spawn at dark and wet place. The larvi-mosquito won't leave such environment until there is no sunshine. otherwise they will be dried to dehydration and die. Hence the nature decide they are more active freq
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[Industry News] HPM technical insect killer
A normal insect killer makes use of special light source to attract pests, and kill it with high tension power when pest touch the high voltage grid. EAGLE introduced and improved the HPM technology originated from Germany, which is adopting different features climatic variation, environments of pe
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[Industry News] UVA lamp
As we know that pest is with phototaxis character, and most of insect killer makes use of such character to take the UV lamp as the main induce source. High-end insect killer normally choose low-tension mercury-vapor lamp, which is a twin pole tube made by fluorescence plate glass with a radiation w
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[Industry News] How to select a good insect killer appliance?
Look: look at the package to see if strong enough, it must be think and strong to guarantee the tube avoid broken or loosen. It should have ready and detailed instruction manual and guide in the package. A quality insect killer must have stable and tough structure, with high quality metal which spec
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[Industry News] What is HPM technology?
As you know, an electrocute insect killer must be with high tension to kill the pest. Different from those transformer of low-end products in market, normally they are assembled with cheap quality capacitor, although it can kill pest, with obvious disadvantages like very short working life, unstable
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