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Choosing Solutions for Controlling Flying Insects
Finding an all-in-one solution to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects from your home and property can be a daunting task. There are so many traps that feature harsh chemicals and loud zapping, so it’s essential to know just what to look for when browsing for insect traps.Eagle Comm
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Why are Bugs Attracted to Light?
Maybe you’ve been outside at night, enjoying a warm summer's evening when you noticed that there are a bunch of bugs gathered near your porch lights and windows. Lights always seem to be attracting bugs…but why? Learn why bugs are drawn to light and how you can use electronic mosquito killer night l
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Eagle Zapper Indoor Insect Trap: Automatic Vs. Manual
Tiny bugs may benefit the ecosystem, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that they can be a huge pain. How are we supposed to enjoy life when 400 mosques and gnats get all up in our business the second, we open a window? I don’t need mosques or gnats in my house, and I’m sure you don’t either. Tha
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How to Get Rid of the Fruit Flies Taking Over Your Home
As the weather warms and the flowers begin to bloom, there is a lot to enjoy out in our big, beautiful world. We no longer have to worry about the sun going down at a measly 5PM or freezing while stepping out of our homes and into the outside world. People are starting to enjoy parks again, and fami
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How to Keep Your Kitchen Bug-Free for the Holidays with an Indoor Fly Trap
As I slowly encroach onto the horrors that are modern midlife adulthood, I’ve realized that I probably need to volunteer to cook for my family this holiday season. As you might have guessed, the thought of this is incomprehensibly frightening - partially because I only know how to cook boxed mac & c
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The Best Trap for Indoor Bugs Control This Winter
Bugs, in a way, are like bills - consistent, annoying, and financially draining. While it’s easy to assume that bugs will simply disappear the second the first leaf of autumn falls, bugs (like bills) always manage to find their way into my house. But the best mosquito zapper Supplier’s mosquito trap
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