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Commercial Glue Trap

Commercial Glue Trap manufacturer and Supplier

Eagle Electrical's commercial glue traps for bugs and pests provide professional insect control solutions for your home or business.

Zhongshan Eagle Electrical Co., Ltd is a commercial glue trap manufacturer. Apart from glue traps, we produce electronic insect zappers, swatters, trappers & repellers. We have been improving ourselves with the goal of becoming a world-class pest control supplier, and spare no effort to develop the best items for our global users. Our products, which cater to middle and high-end markets, comprise of the home series, commercial series, food and industrial series, agriculture series, and outdoor series. They are mostly sold in Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Australia. In all we cover a total of 60 countries.

Eagle Electrical's main competitive advantage is that we are a stable, efficient, professional, and a growing organisation. We seize opportunities with strong insights and outstanding execution. We craft efficient, safe, and elegant pest control instruments in a professional and responsible manner, adhering to the principles of quality, science, and client direction. Our product range is broad, with alternatives for almost any situation, no matter how dire.

Cockroaches, spiders, beetles, and other insects, mites, and scorpions are among the pests easily captured by our sticky traps. Compared to other commercial glue trap manufacturers, Eagle Electrical has a wider range of traps, useful for monitoring an area infested with insects - around the clock. Bed bugs and flying insects may be more difficult to catch with these traps. Nonetheless, the best application for them is to identify pests and track changes in pest proliferation.

When multiple traps are put throughout a home, office, or warehouse, they can also assist in locating the source of infestations. Our extensive range, that makes us one of the top commercial glue trap manufacturers, includes the following products:

-Eagle Commercial Glue Trap ECO-13
-Eagle Commercial Glue Trap ECO-06-30W
-Eagle Commercial Glue Trap ECO-18
-Eagle Commercial Glue Trap ECO-06-40W
-Eagle Commercial Glue Trap ECO-07-30W
-Eagle Commercial Glue Trap ECO-11-30W
-Eagle Commercial Glue Trap ECO-10


We are BSCI and SEDEX listed, and our electronic insect and mosquito killers have received various approvals from authoritative third parties, including TUV-GS/CE/ROHS, SGS-CE/ROHS, PSE, C-TICK, KC, SABA, GCC, and KC.

Eagle Electrical is a firm with expertise, strength, and energy. With an annual output capacity of 1.2 million units and consistent output value growth each year, it is a top commercial glue trap manufacturer.

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No.36 Nanyuan road, Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, China


Established in 2009, Zhongshan Eagle Electrical Co., Ltd is a high and new tech company which is professional on designing, developing, manufacturing and exporting. 



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