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Base FAQ

  • Q What kind of mosquito's traits lead them to be killed?

    A For eluding natural enemy, avoiding larva dehydration, ensuring safe growing, mosquito would spawn at dark and wet place. The larvi-mosquito won't leave such environment until there is no sunshine. otherwise they will be dried to dehydration and die. Hence the nature decide they are more active frequently during night time, the ultraviolet ray be one of most indicative element for it, meanwhile gives mosquito phototaxis. 
  • Q For long time using the lamp, isn’t it power consumption?

    A Consumer all assume that high pressure of electro-shock lamp will be power consumption. Actually, the lamp send out the high pressure only when the pests touch onto the high voltage network. When the product is in standby condition, it only supply the power to the tube, and this will not consume much electricity. The HPM technique of Eagle even utilizes the energy saving concept to every products. The major module is only cost few watt. Eagle dedicated in provide the energy efficiency products.
  • Q When is the best time to use the lamp? Is it effect to use in daytime?

    A The best time to use the lamp is at nightfall after the sunset. Generally, you can turn on it from 6PM to early in the morning of next day. For the indoor using lamp, you can choose a time to turn off all the power, and to open the lamp for 1 to 2 hours after you leave, and this will provide a better efficacy to kill the mosquito. Electrical products of Eagle equipped with special frequency tube, it could be helpful in luring the pests in daytime but as impacted by the solar ultraviolet, the result will be reduced. 
  • Q The UVA radiation of pests control will do any harmful to our health?

    A All electrical products have radiation, the crux is that to control the radiation value to the lowest harmful range to people and animals. The pests controlling lamps produced by Eagle, which UVA tube is improved by endure repeated tests, its radiation value, in line with each module carries different structures, has tiny difference, but is strictly controlled at 0.3μT or even under 0.1μT, which harm is very small. Consumer should note not to keep closer to the production for a long time when using.
  • Q How to choose a suitable pest control?

    A When choose a pest control, please consider where to use it first. For home use, you should choose a small one with easy operation. This kind of product is specially designed for the mosquito with suitable high voltage grids so as to kill tiny pests. Such as the EGS-01, EGS-05. For commercial use, like restaurant or kitchen, you should choose the ones that made of mental. Such products are in stable structure and with stronger high voltage, which can kill bigger size pests like moths and flies efficiently. Such as EGO-09. For outdoor use, like the garden and farm, you should choose photocatalyst trapper or solar zapper like ECO-04C and ECO-09. If you have further question, pleases feel free to contact us.


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